Upplay: a Qt-based UPnP audio Control Point

upplay is a desktop UPnP audio Control Point for Linux/Unix, MS Windows, and Mac OS. It began its existence as a companion to the Upmpdcli renderer, but it has become an ugly but nice, lightweight but capable, control point in its own right.

As an UPnP Control Point upplay does not play music, and never touches the audio stream. It controls an UPnP Media Renderer which may be running on the same host or anywhere else. If you need it, the upmpdcli manual has a a bit more information about UPnP audio.

upplay was started with code from the Sayonara local player, which saved me a lot of time. There is not much in common between them any more, except for quite many lines of user interface code.


upplay is open-source, mostly free (I ask for a small contribution for the Windows installer), and licensed under the GPL. It is written in C++ and uses the libupnpp library.

Of course, Upplay lets you browse any UPnP Content Directory on the local network and add music from there (click titles, or use the right-click menu for directory adds). In addition, it has the following specific features:

What's the point ? upplay might be found to be esthetically challenged. However, if you are using a Unix desktop, it is better than nothing, and even under Windows, you may come to like it...

Installation: see the downloads page.

Problem reports and known issues: see the issue tracker on framagit.org.


Version 1.7.3.
Debian repositories on this site: the repository key has expired on the 6th of December. It has been extended and the repositories re-signed, but you will need to download and install the key again
Version 1.6.1. New compact tabbed mode for running on small screens (See the picture on a 480x320 Raspberry Pi touchscreen).

Tabbed Upplay running on a small Rpi touchscreen


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