2022-06-10 upplay 1.6.2

  • Fix playlist drag and drop, which had been broken by the touchscreen tap and hold gesture processing.

2022-05-25 upplay 1.6.1

  • Compact mode: display the player, playlist and directory browser in three tabs inside the main window. This is accessible from the preferences, but needs an application restart. This mode may be useful on very small screens, typically associated with an SBC (e.g. Raspberry Pi). Upplay should be usable on a screen size of around 400x200.

  • Improved scaling: also scale button icons, hopefully better font size choices.

2022-04-03 upplay 1.5.2

  • Implement MPRIS interface so that, e.g. the keyboard media key will work in the Gnome desktop.

  • Implement option to poll for volume changes, for renderers which generate no volume events.

2021-03-01 upplay 1.4.10

  • Make the renderer selection dialog dynamic: it will react to a renderer appearing on the network.

  • When the connection with a renderer is lost, try to reconnect instead of asking the user what to do.

  • Improve device restart detection and renew subscriptions when needed.

  • Windows: switch to an MSVC+Webkit build. MinGW is fine, but I switched to MSVC for Recoll because it was needed for the Python extension module, and having a single build configuration makes my life easier.

2020-12-04 upplay 1.4.9

  • Small fixes in colors in system dark theme.

  • Small fixes in Webengine version.

  • An 1.4.8 briefly existed. It had a wrong change in radio metadata handling.

2020-11-26 upplay 1.4.7

  • Fix "close to tray" not working on Linux KDE.

  • Clean up exit when tray is not available.

  • Compilation warnings.

2020-11-15 upplay 1.4.6

  • Create the GUI even if the library initialisation fails so that the network parameters can be changed.

  • Fix operation with gmediarender.

  • Misc small fixes.

2020-07-04 upplay 1.4.5

  • Add prefs to control lower upnp lib logging.

  • libupnpp 0.17 compatibility code.

2020-05-11 upplay 1.4.4

  • Direct buttons to switch between radio and playlist.

  • Windows: npupnp port.

  • Fix WM_CLASS for easier window management on X11.

2020-02-06 upplay 1.4.3

  • Better scaling in the player area.

  • Improve column alignement in directory browser.

  • Use new npupnp library on Debian

2019-11-03 upplay 1.4.2

Small improvements and fixes. Webengine support on Mac OS.

2019-08-09 upplay 1.4.1

New display modes in the directory section, with more use of the album covers, either inside the lists or as main presentation element.

Upplay 1.4

New presentation modes for the directory browser:

  • Add album covers to the container lists.

  • Or present container lists as fields of album covers instead.

You can set the new presentation modes from the File→Preferences menu.

Upplay 1.3

Going back to a sane version scheme where the minor release (3 here) will change when there are new features, and the third number is only used for bug fixes. The 1.2 series had veered far from this…​

  • Support for restoring the browsing state from the last session when starting up (can be disabled through a preference).

  • Support for saving/restoring the seek position when switching between tracks (for, e.g. parallel comparison of two interpretations, or passage repeat).

  • Full Webengine support (still using Webkit by default).

  • Change in timing of UPnP/AV gapless (SetNextAVTransportURI) implementation, allowing gapless JPLAY.


  • Better scaling in the player area.


  • Fix directory browser to avoid the header overlaying the first content lines.

  • Add preference to select server search by default.

Upplay 1.2

  • Support for the OpenHome Radio service (e.g. when controlling MediaPlayer).

  • Support for switching to an arbitrary Source on an OpenHome Renderer.

  • New tool for setting up and terminating multiple Linn Songcast Sender-Receiver connections.

upplay 1.2.13:

  • Avoid applying custom directory sort to server playlists.

  • Improve playlist area popup menu.

  • Fixed Last.FM scrobbling

  • Directory browser: if a directory has a single subdirectory entry (and no items), automatically descend into it.

  • Fix exit under KDE

upplay 1.2.12:

  • Inactivate UI scaling (font size changes) on ubuntu Trusty: upplay built with gcc 4 crashes during startup, while building std::regex objects.

upplay 1.2.11:

  • Almost fully scalable UI: chose the scale from the preferences menu. This should help people with hidpi screens.

  • The header section in the directory browser becomes fixed (does not scroll with the list).

  • Alphabetic links to accelerate navigation in long lists. Also reachable by just typing the initial letter in the directory browser window.

  • Misc small bug fixes.

  • Needs libupnpp version 0.16 or newer.

upplay 1.2.9

  • Add entry to directory popup for adjusting sort order without going through the main menu.

  • Don’t show Receiver sources in source list, as nothing useful can be done with them.

upplay 1.2.8:

  • Fix issue with accented characters in catalog pane.

  • Better use space for displaying artist and album info in playlist.

  • Option to avoid trying to effect gapless playing (for renderers which have trouble with it).

upplay 1.2.7:

  • Add option to avoid monitoring Content Directory update state as it is ennoying with some servers.

  • Fix tray icon wheel volume adjustment, mute state.

  • Changed seek and volume keyboard accels to not use Alt.

upplay 1.2.6:

  • Fix stupid bug in renderer selection when openhome filtering was set.

upplay 1.2.5:

Actually, this should have been 1.3.0, there are some small functional changes in addition to bug fixes.

  • Add scrolling to the songcast connections dialog. It was difficult to use with many devices present.

  • Option to only show OpenHome renderers in the Renderer choice dialog (avoids bubble upnp servers doublons).

  • Fix drag&drop being wrongly initiated in some cases.

  • Last.FM scrobbler.

  • Font size improvements.

upplay 1.2.4:

  • Fixes to the AVTransport interface, which had support of a bit of neglect. Especially, attaching to a playing renderer did not update the status, even when the information was available. Switching from an OpenHome renderer to an AVTransport one did not replace the playlist object (stayed attached to the OpenHome renderer).

upplay 1.2.2/3:

  • Improvements to how source switches are handled.

  • Choice of network interface in preferences

upplay 1.2.1:

  • Small fixes for Songcast tool: buttons checked state was not reset.

Upplay 1.1

  • Tooltips to help read the information in the "currently playing" area.

  • Options to add artist information to albums lists, and truncate long artist information in track lists.

  • Random playing of arbitrary-sized subtrees either as individual tracks or as groups/albums

  • Windows port in sync with other platforms.

Upplay 1.0

Upplay now seems stable, and leaves the 0.x behind. Mostly to make it clear that upplay and libupnpp versions don’t need to stay in lockstep. Upplay 1.0 needs libupnpp 0.11.0 or newer (libupnpp2).

2015-08-16 1.0.0
  • The Playlist context menu now has a "Sort by track number" option.

  • New directory sort options

  • New logo replacing the Sayonara one.

  • The volume slider changes the volume incrementally, not just when released.

  • Reconnect to renderer when the connection is lost (e.g. because of a renderer restart). Notice the user when this fails.

  • Fix shuffle mode (AVTransport renderers).

  • MS Windows port.

Upplay 0.10

2015-01-21 0.10.0
  • Support pure OpenHome renderers with no UPnP AV services at all, like BubbleUPnP Server. This needs libupnpp1 (libupnpp 0.10.0).

Upplay 0.9

2014-11-16 0.9.1
  • fix core dump in "add all" on directory with subdirs.

2014-11-12 0.9.0
  • Multiple tabs.

  • Local and server search.

  • Playlist save/load.

  • Moving the playlist to another renderer.

Upplay 0.8

2014-10-30 0.8.6
  • Save / restore scroll position when moving back in the tree.

  • Enable style sheets and switch to dark style.

  • Save / restore splitter state between sessions.

  • Move playlist insert modes to buttons below the playlist. Keep only the track choice in the directory browser popup.

  • Fix mute.

2014-10-13 0.8.5
  • No changes, released for consistency with the version for libupnpp. The latter has been extracted from upmpdcli, and it has no stable ABI yet, you need to use the same versions for upplay and libupnpp.

Upplay 0.1

2014-10-09 0.1.3
  • Better tree walk with the MinimServer directory service, and other small fixes.

2014-10-07 0.1.2
  • Improves a number of things on renderers which are not upmpdcli, esp. Volume control (needs libupnpp 0.8.2, which comes with the same upmpdcli version), track transitions, etc. Also allows better resizing of the main window and its parts.

2014-10-05 0.1.1
  • Fixes the disappearing popup bug (directory browser right-click popup disappearing after one use with a non-openhome renderer).

2014-09-18 0.1.0
  • A release tarball and an Ubuntu package.