The preview window

The preview window opens when you first click a Preview link inside the result list.

Subsequent preview requests for a given search open new tabs in the existing window (except if you hold the Shift key while clicking which will open a new window for side by side viewing).

Starting another search and requesting a preview will create a new preview window. The old one stays open until you close it.

You can close a preview tab by typing Ctrl-W (Ctrl + W) in the window. Closing the last tab, or using the window manager button in the top of the frame will also close the window.

You can display successive or previous documents from the result list inside a preview tab by typing Shift+Down or Shift+Up (Down and Up are the arrow keys).

A right-click menu in the text area allows switching between displaying the main text or the contents of fields associated to the document (ie: author, abtract, etc.). This is especially useful in cases where the term match did not occur in the main text but in one of the fields. In the case of images, you can switch between three displays: the image itself, the image metadata as extracted by exiftool and the fields, which is the metadata stored in the index.

You can print the current preview window contents by typing Ctrl-P (Ctrl + P) in the window text.