Real time indexing

Real time monitoring/indexing is performed by starting the recollindex -m command. With this option, recollindex will detach from the terminal and become a daemon, permanently monitoring file changes and updating the index.

While it is convenient that data is indexed in real time, repeated indexing can generate a significant load on the system when files such as email folders change. Also, monitoring large file trees by itself significantly taxes system resources. You probably do not want to enable it if your system is short on resources. Periodic indexing is adequate in most cases.

As of Recoll 1.24, you can set the monitordirs configuration variable to specify that only a subset of your indexed files will be monitored for instant indexing. In this situation, an incremental pass on the full tree can be triggered by either restarting the indexer, or just running recollindex, which will notify the running process. The recoll GUI also has a menu entry for this.