WriteMime::Entity Class Reference

virtual base class for Mime entities. More...

#include <writemime.h>

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Public Types

enum  type {
 Media types. Subtypes are left as free form text strings.
enum  disposition { DISP_ATTACHMENT, DISP_INLINE }
 Content disposition. More...
enum  encoding {
 Content transfer encoding.

Public Member Functions

virtual void seterror (const char *s)
 Set current error string (mainly used by sendmail() or internally).
virtual const char * geterror ()
 Return current error string.
virtual encoding getencoding ()
 Return current encoding.
virtual void addHeaderField (const HeaderField &f)
 Add header field.
virtual int size ()=0
virtual const char * format ()=0
virtual int format (char *buf)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual int addCteHeader ()
virtual int allocFmt ()
virtual int formatHeaders (char *buf)
virtual int formatHeaders ()
virtual void settype (type tp)
virtual int setsubtype (const char *stp)
virtual const char * getsubtype ()

Protected Attributes

type m_type
encoding m_encoding
list< HeaderField > m_hf
int m_size
char * m_fmt

Detailed Description

virtual base class for Mime entities.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Content disposition.

Note: the more natural INLINE name causes too much problems with headers that define an INLINE

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