After testing a number of UPnP control points, mostly on Android, some work better than others with upmpdcli. My notes follow. If you have information for completing the list, please send it over: mailto:jf@dockes.org or use the Disqus section on the downloads page.



Perfect. Both basic UPnP gapless transitions and OpenHome are supported. Supports moving the playlist from one renderer to another (nice when you move to another room!). If you want to use the more specific OpenHome capabilities in upmpdcli (like the Radio Source), you need the BubbleDS Next variant and its extended OpenHome support.

Kazoo (Linn)

Kazoo works fine with upmpdcli, and you may like the interface if it fits you (you might also hate it).


A nice all-purpose music player with UPnP/AV gapless functionality and many other features. It is reported to work fine with upmpdcli.

Hi-Fi Cast

A very nice Control Point, but UPnP/AV only. You will have to activate gapless playing in the preferences for each Upmpdcli instance, as it is off by default. It then works flawlessly as far as I could see (2019).


Recent versions work fine with upmpdcli, but it’s really ugly on Android (last time I checked, which was some time ago maybe 2017).

Lumin for Android

Worked fine with upmpdcli up to some point, but the play controls don’t work any more for some reason. Wants to download the whole Media Server directory contents which does not work that well with very big media libraries.

All the other Android players I tried (around 2017?) - a dozen - were very bad in one way or another, and sometimes in many ways. Most sort of work. Maybe things have improved (2019), and, for example, Hi-Fi Cast is a good choice.

Still, if you are using Android, and prefer OpenHome, try Bubble. Both Bubble UPnP and BubbleDS Next have a free edition (limited to 16 tracks in the playlist). Kazoo has recently become a credible alternative if you like the interface better, but Bubble is more mature and featureful.

MS Windows


Multi-platform OpenHome controller from Linn. Kazoo and upmpdcli have had a difficult relationship, but they now (02-2017) work fine together, and Kazoo for Windows is now very nice. Only works on Windows 8 and later though, no luck for you if you are holding on to Windows 7.


Multi-platform OpenHome controller from Linn, predecessor of Kazoo. Your only Linn choice if you are running Windows 7. It has a slightly more traditional interface than Kazoo (shows more things at a time), some people may like the interface better. The Kinsky Windows pointer sometimes goes away from the main download page. Just in case, packages: here.


Works perfectly with upmpdcli too, but it only supports bare UPnP (no OpenHome support).


See description in the Linux section.



A simple UPnP audio Control Point Qt application which supports both UPnP AVTransport and OpenHome gapless. Upplay is not beautiful, but it has many useful functions, and there are very few other Control Points for the Unix/Linux desktop. It has been ported to Windows recently, more for the fun of it than to compete with the native solutions, but it has its strong points if you need a simple, lightweight, player.



See the comments in the MacOS section.


is a nice iOS OpenHome controller. It caches all the Content Directory Metadata locally and reorganizes it, which will not be to everyone’s taste (no way to see the folder structure for example). Still it’s free and very good if you can work with this approach.


Is reported to work too.



It is both an MPD and OpenHome client for MacOS and iOS. I tried it with OpenHome on MacOS, it works fine and it is very nice.

Windows 10 mobile

Someone (01-2016) tested Control Points for Windows 10 mobile. Results:

AV Control

Works well, not free.

Lumia Play

Works for Music stored externally, but not phone music.

Smart player

Same issues as Lumia play.


No detection of the renderer.