SQLScreens is a simple relational database screen form generator written in TCL/TK. it will let you create query screens very quickly by specifying what data (tables and columns) you want to see and what operations should be allowed (query/update, etc...). It will take care of creating the user interface and the behind-the-scenes SQL.

SQLScreens does not use a WEB interface (it is a local application), which makes it simpler and somewhat faster, but means that some tools must be available on the workstation (TCL/TK and database client code). It is very old and quaint looking, but can still be quite useful.

SQLScreens is free, covered by a BSD type license.

Supported RDBMS: MySQL, SQLite, and ODBC. If you use SQLScreens with ODBC drivers for other databases, we'd be glad to here from you. MSQL and INFORMIX are also still in there but may have gone stale as this has not be tested for some time

Questions, requests, feedback welcomed: jf@dockes.org


Created version 1.2.2 to incorporate the changes needed by mysql interp->result deprecation.
There are a few updates in the source repository to support the final deprecation of interp->result accesses in Tcl 8.6. Use this instead of the SQLScreens 1.2.1 tarball if you need it.
Release 1.2.1 brings support for SQLite