libupnpp  0.16.0
A C++ wrapper for the Portable UPnP reference library
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UPnPClient::UPnPDirParser Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for UPnPClient::UPnPDirParser:
UPnPP::inputRefXMLParser UPnPP::ExpatXMLParser


class  StackEl

Public Member Functions

 UPnPDirParser (UPnPDirContent &dir, const string &input)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UPnPP::inputRefXMLParser
 inputRefXMLParser (const std::string &input)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UPnPP::ExpatXMLParser
 ExpatXMLParser (size_t chunk_size)
virtual bool Parse (void)
virtual bool Ready (void)
virtual XML_Error getLastError (void)
virtual XML_Status getStatus (void)

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

virtual void StartElement (const XML_Char *name, const XML_Char **attrs)
virtual bool checkobjok ()
virtual void EndElement (const XML_Char *name)
virtual void CharacterData (const XML_Char *s, int len)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UPnPP::inputRefXMLParser
ssize_t read_block (void)
const char * getReadBuffer ()
virtual size_t getBlockSize (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UPnPP::ExpatXMLParser
virtual XML_Char * getBuffer (void)
virtual void setReadiness (bool ready)
virtual void setStatus (XML_Status new_status)
virtual void setLastError (XML_Error new_last_error)
virtual void ProcessingInstruction (const XML_Char *, const XML_Char *)
virtual void CommentData (const XML_Char *)
virtual void DefaultHandler (const XML_Char *, int)
virtual void CDataStart (void)
virtual void CDataEnd (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from UPnPP::inputRefXMLParser
const std::string & m_input
- Protected Attributes inherited from UPnPP::ExpatXMLParser
XML_Parser expat_parser

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkobjok()

virtual bool UPnPClient::UPnPDirParser::checkobjok ( )

m_tobj.m_id.empty() && !m_tobj.m_pid.empty() && !m_tobj.m_title.empty();

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