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UPnPClient::OHRadio Class Reference

OHRadio Service client class. More...

#include <ohradio.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for UPnPClient::OHRadio:

Public Member Functions

 OHRadio (const UPnPDeviceDesc &device, const UPnPServiceDesc &service)
virtual bool serviceTypeMatch (const std::string &tp)
 Perform a comparison to the service type string for this specific service. More...
int channel (std::string *uri, UPnPDirObject *dirent)
int channelsMax (int *)
int id (int *value)
int idArray (std::vector< int > *ids, int *tokp)
int idArrayChanged (int token, bool *changed)
int pause ()
int play ()
int protocolInfo (std::string *proto)
int read (int id, UPnPDirObject *dirent)
int readList (const std::vector< int > &ids, std::vector< OHPlaylist::TrackListEntry > *entsp)
int setChannel (const std::string &uri, const std::string &didl)
int setId (int id, const std::string &uri)
int stop ()
int transportState (OHPlaylist::TPState *tps)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UPnPClient::Service
 Service (const UPnPDeviceDesc &device, const UPnPServiceDesc &service)
 Construct by copying data from device and service objects. More...
 Service ()
 Empty object. More...
bool initFromDescription (const UPnPDeviceDesc &description)
 Initialize empty object from device description. More...
virtual void reSubscribe ()
const std::string & getFriendlyName () const
const std::string & getDeviceId () const
const std::string & getServiceType () const
const std::string & getActionURL () const
const std::string & getModelName () const
const std::string & getManufacturer () const
virtual int runAction (const UPnPP::SoapOutgoing &args, UPnPP::SoapIncoming &data)
 Call Soap action and return resulting data. More...
int runTrivialAction (const std::string &actionName)
 Run trivial action where there are neither input parameters nor return data (beyond the status)
template<class T >
int runSimpleGet (const std::string &actnm, const std::string &valnm, T *valuep)
 Run action where there are no input parameters and a single named value is to be retrieved from the result.
template<class T >
int runSimpleAction (const std::string &actnm, const std::string &valnm, T value)
 Run action with a single input parameter and no return data.
virtual VarEventReportergetReporter ()
 Get pointer to installed event reporter. More...
virtual void installReporter (VarEventReporter *reporter)
 Install event data reporter object.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isOHRdService (const std::string &st)
 Test service type from discovery message.
static int decodeMetadata (const std::string &fromwho, const std::string &rawdidl, UPnPDirObject *de)

Static Protected Attributes

static const std::string SType

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UPnPClient::Service
virtual bool serviceInit (const UPnPDeviceDesc &device, const UPnPServiceDesc &service)
 Service-specific part of initialization. More...
void registerCallback (evtCBFunc c)
 Used by a derived class to register its callback method. More...
void unregisterCallback ()
 Cancel subscription to the service events, forget installed callback.

Detailed Description

OHRadio Service client class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ serviceTypeMatch()

bool UPnPClient::OHRadio::serviceTypeMatch ( const std::string &  tp)

Perform a comparison to the service type string for this specific service.

This allows embedding knowledge of the service type string inside the derived class. It is used, e.g., by initFromDescription() to look up an appropriate entry from the device description service list. Can also be used by external code wishing to do the same.

tpService type string to be compared with the one for the derived class.

Implements UPnPClient::Service.

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