libupnpp  0.16.0
A C++ wrapper for the Portable UPnP reference library
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Logger Class Reference

Public Types

enum  LogLevel {
  LLNON =0, LLFAT =1, LLERR =2, LLINF =3,
  LLDEB =4, LLDEB0 =5, LLDEB1 =6, LLDEB2 =7

Public Member Functions

bool reopen (const std::string &fn)
std::ostream & getstream ()
void setLogLevel (LogLevel level)
int getloglevel ()
std::recursive_mutex & getmutex ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LoggergetTheLog (const std::string &fn)
 Initialize logging to file name. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTheLog()

Logger * Logger::getTheLog ( const std::string &  fn)

Initialize logging to file name.

Use "stderr" for stderr output. Creates the singleton logger object

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