Writemime is a simple C++ package that makes it easy to create and send MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) messages in a C++ program.

Writemime is free and covered by a BSD-like license.

Writemime will let you create two kinds of MIME messages:

Creating a message is trivially easy, and Writemime will handle all encoding issues internally.

There is also a driver program which will let you access most of the functionality from the unix command line. Type 'writemime -h' after compiling the package to get a hopefully helpful usage message.

The driver provides a somewhat degraded way to access Writemime functionality from a non-c++ program.

More details: have a look at the documentation.

Or just download it. The current release is writemime 1.1 (tar.gz file).

Older releases: 1.0.

Questions, requests, feedback welcomed: