Upplay downloads

Windows: See the Windows page.

Source code

Current version (tar files):

All the older versions.

Here is a short document about building and installing.

Cutting edge: the Source repository is on opensourceprojects.eu. You will also need the one for libupnpp.


See the Windows page.

Linux Packages

If you like upplay, you may help with the development and show your appreciation by following the links on the donations page:
Donations page

Ubuntu and Mint

Install from the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jean-francois-dockes/upnpp1 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install upplay


The upplay packages for the i386, amd64 and armhf (Raspberry Pi) architectures are hosted in the upmpdcli repository.

See here for how to add the repository to your system.

Then use the following to install upplay:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install upplay


Fedora 25 RPMs here.

Fedora 26 RPMs here. Also works for Fedora 27 and 28.

Fedora 29 RPMs here. Fedora 29 libupnp 1.8 is now properly updated and not crashing any more, so you can use the system libupnp instead of the 1.6 which was previously supplied here, and upplay has been updated to use 1.8. To upgrade from a previous version, you will probably need to remove the 1.6 libupnp and libupnp-devel packages, then install the system's libupnp-devel, and the libupnpp and upplay packages from the above link.

Dependancies: libupnp-devel libcurl-devel qt5-qtscript qt5-qtwebkit


See the Windows page here..

NOTE: If upplay mostly works but its state does not update (e.g. no time progress), you probably need to allow incoming connections through the Windows Firewall (UPnP state update events need HTTP connections from the player to the control point).

External resources

A number of kind people are producing packages for other systems:

Feedback appreciated.