mpdas-upnp is an extension to the mpdas MPD scrobbler.

It will monitor either an MPD or UPnP renderer instance and send appropriate information about what is playing to Last.FM.

Both UPnP AV and OpenHome Renderers are supported.


You will need the development package libupnpp-dev.

It’s found in the same place as upmpdcli packages, see the downloads page.

If no package exist, you’ll need to build and install the library, see here.

Then clone the repository: The branch to use is "upnp", it is the default branch.

Inside the mpdas directory:

configure --prefix=/usr --enable-upnp
sudo make install


See the README file inside the source.

In a nutshell, if the upnpname configuration variable is set, mpdas will use UPnP to monitor the named renderer. The name can be either the friendly name or the UUID.


There is a -d option to run mpdas as a daemon. It is not shown by mpdas -h, but it is in the man page.