Upmpdcli old News

Version 0.9.0. Release notes. This version mainly brings support for the Songcast protocol, with help from the sc2mpd auxiliary process. See the sc2mpd documentation for more information.
Version 0.8.6. Very small improvements. This will be used to update those Debian packages which are still at 0.8.1 (Raspberry Pi). Due to the package structure change, you will need to use "apt-get dist-upgrade" to perform the upgrade.
Version 0.8.5. There are no real changes in this, we only split the libupnpp library from the main upmpdcli code. Release notes.
Version 0.8.3. Minor bug fixes and improvements over 0.8.2. Mostly needed if you use upplay (again).
Version 0.8.2. Minor bug fixes and improvements over 0.8.1. Mostly needed if you use upplay.
Version 0.8.1. This has very minor bug fixes and improvements over 0.8.0. It will replace 0.7.1 as the default binary release.
Version 0.8.0. This improves the handling of the playlist, adding persistence across restarts. See the release notes..
Version 0.7.1 is released. It includes very small improvements for 0.7.0 and replaces 0.6 in the local packages repository (apt users will get an automatic update next time they apt-get update).
Version 0.7.0 includes support for the OpenHome Media services.
Version 0.6.4 allows you to set a few more parameters from the configuration file: interface/ip and port to use for UPnP and MPD password.