libnpupnp  4.1.0
An almost compatible successor for the Portable UPnP reference library
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Upnp_Action_Request Struct Reference

#include <upnp.h>

Public Attributes

int ErrCode
 [output] The result of the operation.
int unused1
char ErrStr [LINE_SIZE]
 [output] The error string in case of error.
char ActionName [NAME_SIZE]
 [input] The Action Name.
 [input] The unique device ID.
char ServiceID [NAME_SIZE]
 [input] The service ID.
std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > args
 [input] The action arguments
std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > resdata
 [output] The action results.
struct sockaddr_storage CtrlPtIPAddr
 [input] IP address of the control point requesting this action.
std::string Os
 [input] Client user-agent string
std::string xmlAction
 [input] The XML request document in case the callback has something else to get from there. This is always set in addition to the args vector
std::string xmlResponse
 [output] Alternative data return: return an XML document instead of using the resdata vector. If this is not empty on callback return, it is used instead of resdata. This is to ease the transition from the ixml-based interface

Detailed Description

Used in the device callback API as parameter for UPNP_CONTROL_ACTION_REQUEST. This holds the action type and data sent by the Control Point and, after processing, the data returned by the device

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