libnpupnp  4.1.0
An almost compatible successor for the Portable UPnP reference library
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UpnpVirtualDirCallbacks Struct Reference

#include <upnp.h>

Public Attributes

VDCallback_GetInfo get_info
 VDCallback_GetInfo callback
VDCallback_Open open
 VDCallback_Open callback
VDCallback_Read read
 VDCallback_Read callback
VDCallback_Write write
 VDCallback_Write callback
VDCallback_Seek seek
 VDCallback_Seek callback
VDCallback_Close close
 VDCallback_Close callback

Detailed Description

Contains the pointers to file-related callback functions a device application can register to virtualize URLs. It allows setting all callbacks with a single UpnpSetVirtualDirCallbacks call instead of using individual calls.

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