libnpupnp  4.1.0
An almost compatible successor for the Portable UPnP reference library
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File_Info Struct Reference

#include <upnp.h>

Public Attributes

int64_t file_length {0}
 The length of the file. A length less than 0 indicates the size is unknown, and data will be sent until 0 bytes are returned from a read call.
time_t last_modified {0}
 The time at which the contents of the file was modified; The time system is always local (not GMT).
int is_directory {0}
 If the file is a directory, contains a non-zero value. For a regular file, it should be 0.
int is_readable {0}
 If the file or directory is readable, this contains a non-zero value. If unreadable, it should be set to 0.
std::string content_type
 The content type of the file.
struct sockaddr_storage CtrlPtIPAddr
 IP address of the control point requesting this action.
std::string Os
 Client user-agent string.
std::map< std::string, std::string > request_headers
 Headers received with the HTTP request. Set by the library before calling VDCallback_GetInfo.
std::vector< std::pair< std::string, std::string > > response_headers
 Additional headers which should be set in the response. Set by the client inside the VDCallback_GetInfo function. These should not be standard HTTP headers (e.g. content-length/type) but only specific ones like the DLNA ones.

Detailed Description

Information return structure for the GetInfo virtual directory callback

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