Real time indexing: automatic daemon start

Under KDE, Gnome and some other desktop environments, the daemon can automatically started when you log in, by creating a desktop file inside the ~/.config/autostart directory. This can be done for you by the Recoll GUI. Use the Preferences->Indexing Schedule menu.

With older X11 setups, starting the daemon is normally performed as part of the user session script.

The script can be used to easily start and stop the daemon. It can be found in the examples directory (typically /usr/local/[share/]recoll/examples).

For example, my out of fashion xdm-based session has a .xsession script with the following lines at the end:

        RECOLL_CONFDIR=$recollconf $recolldata/examples/ start



The indexing daemon gets started, then the window manager, for which the session waits.

By default the indexing daemon will monitor the state of the X11 session, and exit when it finishes, it is not necessary to kill it explicitly. (The X11 server monitoring can be disabled with option -x to recollindex).

If you use the daemon completely out of an X11 session, you need to add option -x to disable X11 session monitoring (else the daemon will not start).