Release notes for Recoll 1.15.0/1.15.9



There have been reports of the recoll 1.15 GUI crashing when starting up after an upgrade. This was fixed by making a backup of ~/.config/ and deleting it (Qt stores the QSettings for the recoll GUI in this file, things like the search history and mix GUI options).

If the result list is displayed with strange indentations, try to completely clear the result list paragraph format (in query preferences) to reset it to the default. Next time you open query preferences, the new default format will be up, and you can make any desired changes.

The support for Qt 3 has been removed in this version which uses only native Qt 4 interfaces. If your system has no support for Qt 4.4 or newer, you need to stick with Recoll 1.14, which is still supported.

The defaults for file name searches with multiple fragments changed from OR to AND: see the changes list below for more detail.

Installing over an older version: version 1.15/14/13 indexes are mostly compatible with 1.11 indexes, but some features depend on a full index rebuild. These are:

If installing over 1.10 or older, you need a full rebuild. The best way to do this is to just delete the old .recoll/xapiandb directory, especially if the index was created by an older version. (ie: rm -rf ~/.recoll/xapiandb/). On very old indexes, recollindex -z may sometimes end with a backend doesn't implement metadata error, which is wasteful because you then need to delete xapiandb and run the indexing again.


Recoll 1.15.0 has major new GUI features and fixes a number of small bugs