If you are not a software developer, or have no time available for testing the application of thinking about how it could be improved, there is always the possibility of contributing a donation, which will be much appreciated !

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We want more translations ! If you are a non-english speaker (and understand english, which can probably be assumed, you being reading this), you can take a little time to translate the GUI messages file.

The newest versions of the message files follow can be found in this directory. There is an empty one (the xx one), the others are partially translated, just needing an update for the new messages.

Updating the files can easily be done with the Qt Linguist utility. Contact me for more directions if needed.


If you wish to become involved in the development of Recoll, please send me an email.

The Recoll source repository is on framagit. Use git, to clone it and hack away.

Apart from possible tickets in the current or old tracking system, these are the general areas where help or ideas are particularly welcome:

  • A better GUI design (both the ergonomy and the appearance). Adding missing shortcuts or fixing the menu accelerators for exemple is easy and useful.

  • More support for the more advanced Xapian concepts like relevance feedback.

  • More filters for less common or less obviously useful file types.

  • Integration with the KDE desktop.

  • Integration with some mail user agent. We need a way to jump from a message preview to the message in thread context inside the MUA.

  • Etc. :)

Problem reporting

Once in a while it will happen that a Recoll program will crash (either the "recoll" graphical interface or the "recollindex" command line indexing command).

Reporting crashes is very useful. It can help others, and it can get your own problem to be solved.

You will find help and information about producing a useful problem report on this Howto page.