espinosa writes

Documents missing file name suffix are not indexed. Looks like text extractor failure. Please try attached files.

Affected filetypes: .odt and .doc (and perhaps others).

The files are in the database for sure, I can find them by searching by filename, but preview shows empty files.

File types are recognized correctly (application/ and application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text)

Also “docsize” is reported as bigger then zero, that is non empty (exacly: 8746 for ODT and 9216 for DOC)

medoc writes

Without a suffix, recoll runs "file -i" to identify the files. The mime types returned (application/ and application/vn.oasis.opendocument.txt) are different from those used internally (application/msword and application/vnd.sun…)

You need to add the mime types returned by file -i to the mimeconf file, in every section where the internal types appear (especially in the [index] section) This will be in the next release