mateuswetah writes

Hit there! I still having issues with Recoll Lens on 12.04… I tried it on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bits and 64 bits, from the ppa:recoll-backports/recoll-1.15-on ppa also, but it’s not working as it use to on 11.10. The Recoll search doesn’t appear on the home lens when searching for anything, and the recoll lens just don’t show the result expected. When it find some files, they appear with a black background over the item icon. Is there any solution for this? If you need more information, please ask me.

medoc writes


I just tested uninstalling recoll and recoll-lens on a just updated Ubuntu 12.04 32 bits system, and deleting the index and configuration, then reinstalling from the recoll PPA, to try and mimick a new install.

The one trouble I could see is that the lens misbehaves as long as the initial indexing has not run (it gives no result or explanation and even sometimes crashes). I need to find a way to inform the user of what is happening.

Once I ran the initial indexing from the recoll GUI, the lens worked normally. I see that the icons do have a black background, I don’t know why because I think I just use standard functions to get an icon name from the mime type and let unity do the rest of the job. This does not look like a major issue anyway.

About the expected results: you’ll need to be more precise here, with a specific search and document that should be found and is not (also check that it’s found in the recoll GUI, the lens only shows the 20 first results).

I’m ready to help if you can delimitate the problem more precisely, but I have little to run on here.

medoc writes

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