Unknown reporter writes

I’m trying to search csv files that have been zipped (either in zip or 7z formats).

I have successfully used recoll to search within csv files and zipped text files. But I haven’t been able to search within zipped csv files (or any 7zip files).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. Thanks.

medoc writes

Recoll does not support 7zip at all at the moment.

One possible issue I see with zipped csv files is that the file type recognition inside archives does not work exactly the same as for file system files.,

"bare" csv files are handled as text/plain when found in the file system.

I think that you could try to add a line like: {{{csv = text/plain}}} to your ~~/.recoll/mimemap file to get the same behaviour inside zip files.

Please let me know how this works for you, if it does, I’ll add the entry to the standard mimemap.

You will need to reindex the zip files to test this:

{{{ recollindex -e zzz.zip recollindex -i zzz.zip }}}

Or just do a {{{recollindex -z}}} Cheers, jf

medoc writes

Closing this as I think that the zipped csv hint is as good as it’s gonna get, and there is no plan to add 7-zip support. However, I’d gladly welcome a 7-zip filter (modelled on the zip one for example) if somebody bothers to write one.