Unknown reporter writes

Clam detected a potential threat immediately after install of Recoll.

It is not a false positive!

After restart I open programs but they all go to upper left-hand of the corner of the screen. Cannot minimise or maximise as no option available. Cannot move application window across the screen.

No open application appears on the shelf. I tried to take a screenshot but it saves with default screen capture name which includes the time and date. I cannot upload this as it is rejected by the forum server. I opened GIMP but was unable to save as I am not allowed type a name in the field.

Had to copy over 15,000 files this morning, before the restart, and it was constantly locking-up. Processors at 100% and clock was not updating the time. Had to constantly hit cancel which took well over 5 minutes each time to actually cancel.

medoc writes


Clam detects "something" inside one of the Xapian database files (a non executable data file). There is nothing that Recoll or Xapian can do about it, please report the issue to clam, this has to be a false positive.

About the other issues (machine overloaded), I’d need to know more details, like the kind of indexing you are running (batch or real time), and the parameters from the configuration. jf