hcguersoy writes

It would be nice if recoll should get its own Ubuntu Unity Lens for a search.

medoc writes

I had a look at the Unity Dash (never used it before). I like it actually.

Installed the unity-lens-bliss alternate apps browser which is supposedly intended as a sample app. It’s written in Python, so it could well enough serve as a starting-point for a Recoll lens built over the Recoll Python interface.

The problem is I don’t see how this could be useful: the Dash is all about icons and very short captions. I don’t even see a way to display a hit’s essential details such as its location.

Recoll is all about text. It’s extremely common to get many hits for a search. Without a way to discriminate between the different hits, I can’t see how one could make use of a Recoll lens. It’s the same actually as with the KDE kioslave in directory mode: you see a bunch of named icons, and you can just hit and pray.

I’m not at all opposed in principle to a Recoll lens, and, using the Python API, I can’t see that this should be very complicated, but until someone explains to me how this could be useful, I’m staying put.

If you talk Python and gtk/unity, and want to give it a try, I’m all ready to help with any problem on the Recoll side. Until then, closing the issue.

hcguersoy writes

Hi Medoc,

ok, why should be a lens useful?

First, it would get the missing Desktop Search Tool for Ubuntu.

Yeah, then I use Recoll itself and get the results, there are many informations. But take the current file lens, or for example the Tomboy lens. They just display as a result an Icon and the filename. Thats all. And for "quick’n dirty" searches this is IMHO enough.

medoc writes

Ok. I changed my mind (I was curious about Unity too). I added a unity lens to the current code. It is on bitbucket and will come with the 1.17 release code, but it’s not built / installed by default. It’s based on the recoll python module. I’m going to write a Wiki page for building / installing the thing (it will be reasonably simple).

We’ll see if it proves useful or not, it was interesting and reasonably fast coding it anyway, from the bliss lens sample

hcguersoy writes

Hi Medoc,

thank you. Leave a message then you’ve finished the documentation so I can pick’n test it.

medoc writes

Please let me know how this works for you, and any ideas for improvement.

You’ll need to clone the repository as there is currently no tarball with the unity code in it. Email me at jfd@recoll.org if you have trouble with anything (I don’t seem to receive emails when the issue is updated)

Oh and I forgot, the code in bitbucket currently is almost or quite 1.17.0

The release notes are here: http://www.recoll.org/release-1.17.html

But you should be able to test the lens on a 1.16 index if you don’t want to install the full 1.17, there are few index format changes

hcguersoy writes

Hi medoc,

using recoll from the PPA (1.16.2) the lens works fine!

Thank you!