Unknown reporter writes

I’m on Ubuntu and thinking mainly about PDF/DjVu files. Is it possible Recoll GUI to display thumbnails in search results instead just mime icons?

It can use already prepared thumbnails from Nautilus thumbnail cache in my case, and perhaps similar scenario on other distros, or just use available command for thumbnailing from gconf if present, and if not present display icon


medoc writes

This was recently done in [[https://bitbucket.org/medoc/recoll/changeset/#151118e715e2|#151118e715e2]] - it seems that this idea was in the air…

It only uses existing thumbnails for now. It will be in release 1.17 which should normally be not too far away.

After trying the feature, I think that the small icon size (64x64) makes it only marginally useful. Using bigger icons would use too much space in the result list, so I am contemplating using a webkit object instead of the current qtextbrowser. Then some javascript magic could be used to zoom the icons when hovered, but this is a big change. Any thoughts ?

Unknown User writes

Thanks for replying with good news :)

64px while keeping aspect ratio is very acceptable to me, and provides enough "info" I expect from thumbnail. It’s better than, for example cropping longer side to fit 64px like SumatraPDF thumbnailer on Windows does or to sacrificing space

So to me this would be great: - 64 in default view, and maybe - 96 or 128 in info panel on selected document when using table result

I grabbed latest Recoll version with hg but it seems this feature is still not available