Unknown reporter writes

To my great surprise, when I queried " *.gz " an interesting and useful resultset was displayed (a filename manifest of gz files which have been indexed, etc). Sadly, the interface neither provides ability to click-to-sort by column header… nor am I able to select/copy the displayed results.

If copy from this window cannot be achieved, perhaps someone can suggest how I might pipe the window output to a file?

medoc writes


The next version will support copy/paste from the term explorer table (watch the commit which will close this issue for a patch that you could use if you want it sooner).

However, you should be aware that the term explorer is not a reliable way of retrieving file name lists. For one thing, I think that expansions are limited to 2000 entries, then there can be multiple entries for a given file (it it’s a compound document), any name can appear several times with different prefixes etc.

"find" would be a much more reliable way to find out about all .gz files, or, if this is really a Recoll-related query (you really want to know what compressed files are indexed by Recoll), I think that you should look at the "xadump" tool (you’ll need to compile Recoll from source and "make" inside the query/ directory). Xadump can query the Xapian db directly and should be easier to work with for these kinds of things (Xapian’s "delve" does more or less the same thing).

If you need more info about how to do something specific with xadump (or another recoll tool), get in touch with me: jfd@recoll.org



medoc writes

GUI: Implement Copy from term explorer result table. Closes issue #75

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Unknown User writes

Thank you kindly, for both the patch and the offer to coach. I will check the xadump docs.