Unknown reporter writes

I’m running recoll 1.16.2 on the 3.1.4-1 arch linux kernel with xserver 1.11.3 and the stumpwm window manager version 0.9.7.

When running recollindex -m from a shell that is not an X application (e.g., this behavior occurs from a tty or over ssh), nothing happens. I confirmed that the indexing process did not start with the following commands:

recollindex -m ps -C recollindex # No processes are listed in the output

Running recollindex -m from inside an xterm yields the expected behavior.

medoc writes


You need to use option -x in addition to -m to disable the X11 connection which is normally used to monitor the end of the session. This should be clearer in the doc, I’ll fix it.

Cheers, jf