Unknown reporter writes

Like many others (http://www.google.se/search?q=recoll+web+interface) I’m looking for a local file indexer with a web interface, the purpose of which would be to enable users on the local network to search the documentation stored on the server without needing local copies of the (large and often updated) xapian database files. I have not looked into creating such an interface yet as there might already be something in the works. If this is not the case may I propose the inclusion of a web search interface to recoll?

medoc writes

Have you looked at Xapian’s omindex/omega ? There are many options for text indexes with a web-based interface, see the Apache Lucene projects also, and many others.

I am not opposed to giving a web interface to Recoll, but I can’t see a compelling point for doing it either, when there are quite a few good alternatives.

If someone can come up with a really good reason why recoll would be better than Xapian Omega for doing this, it would be relatively easy to do as there are already php and python plugins, and code to generate a result page in html (used by the main GUI and the KIO).

Until then, my laziness prevails…

Unknown User writes

Yes, I’ve looked at Omega. It works, but it is not as polished as Recoll (eg. no context in search results). It is probably possible to configure/change Omega so that it comes closer, but that is work and I am lazy. I had a quick look at the PHP extension to Recoll but that does not seem to do much as of yet, and Python’s stellar performance (…) would eat my poor server raw. I’ll just have to get over my lazyness I guess…

Unknown User writes

Dynamic abstract (snippet) generation is one of the features which Recoll has over Omega. This is an often requested feature. It would of course be possible to borrow this feature from Recoll and add it to Omega. It does make me wonder though whether it would not be easier to just add a cgi call interface (a la Omega) to Recoll.

Unknown User writes

Another advantage to Recoll is that it actually manages to index the whole collection, while Omega - or rather omindex, the associated indexer - hangs on seemingly simple and correct PDF documents. Of course I could adapt recollindex to Omega but… see above.

koniu writes

I’ve been working on a webui. It’s in pretty early stages and any suggestions would be very welcome: