medoc writes

The qt4 qt3 compatibility layer already has problems and is bound to become worse and worse in the future. There is a need to progressively migrate to a native qt4 interface. We want to do this while keeping a functional qt3 version. For this, for each migrated module we must extract as much version-independant code as possible into a common file, and write a native qt4 versions of the GUI code.

This probably implies creating an additional "guicommon" directory.

naufraghi writes

Sure? Qt3 is old and compatibility is a pain…

medoc writes

Ok, after having another look at this, I finally agreed with the previous comment…

The future recoll 1.15 is pure Qt 4. The 1.14 branch will be maintained with bug fixes and small enhancements as long as there will be Qt 3 users.

The bitbucket tip now is the first pure Qt 4 Recoll, it compiles without QT3_SUPPORT and seems to run ok. It is functionally identical to the qt3/qt4 version, and will be the basis for future enhancements.