Flebuz writes

Is suggest adopting a default formatting of the results that presents fewer details on the file and a better use of colours, in order to increase the readability of the result screen. Here is my attempt of a clean formatting, inspired by Google Desktop :

<img src="%I" align="left" >%R %L   <b >%T</b ><br >  <i ><font color="#808080" >%U</font ></i > %i<br >%A %K

The date tag (%D) should be more more detailed (e.g. "%Year %Month %Day : %Hour" …), so that the user could display the date in a shorter string (as the precise time in seconds as well as the time zone would seem rarely relevant in daily use)

medoc writes

I like your formatting for the result list, but changing the default at this point might be a bit disconcerting. I want to either add a list of predefined formats to the preferences editor (this would include yours, and a few others that were proposed in the past), or maybe just a link to a page on the web site where the formats would be demonstrated.

You are also right about the date string, but I wonder about detailing the date into Year/Month/Day/Hour etc. because there is already a spec about describing date/time formats: the strftime format parameter. Maybe this should be specified in a separate field instead. More thinking needed.

Keeping this open for implementation in the next version.

Thanks a lot for the input.

medoc writes

There is now a page on the web site with a few format samples (http://www.recoll.org/custom.html) and a following commit will add a parameter for adjusting the date format inside the result list (by specifying an strftime() format).