Unknown reporter writes

This is a suggestion from a linux novice. I would like to be able to select mounted servers as well in the dialog where I set up the indexable folders. I understand not all network folders are mounted to a local folder and that this can be set up via console (although not trivial to a beginner). I would like to be able to select all folders I can see within the explorer/nautilus. For my particular case, it is an active directory (AD) (CIFS?) folder at the university server.

medoc writes


Implementing your suggestion would be very useful, but, in practise, it would also be quite difficult.

The integration of "foreign" file systems which seems so simple when seen from nautilus (or the equivalent in KDE) actually relies of a complex set of plugins, some of which are relatively big pieces of software. To support the same kind of mechanism in Recoll (and do it independantly of the kind of desktop) would be too hard to develop and maintain.

So, for the foreseeable future, Recoll will only support indexing through the regular, unified unix/linux file system, which means that you have to actually mount your volume somewhere.

I know very little about the cifs vfs which has been in the Linux kernel for quite some time, but I guess that you could use this to mount your volume, and then add the mount point to Recoll’s topdirs list. There seems to be a user guide for mounting cifs/active directory on ubuntu here: https://techcommons.stanford.edu/topics/miscellaneous/mounting-active-directory-windows-cifs-file-share-ubuntu-linux

Unknown User writes

Thanks for the clear answer! At least now the decision is simpler for me, because the only way forward is to mount the network folder myself. Time to roll up the sleeves… Thanks for Recoll!