Unknown reporter writes

Hi all, is it possible to index a bitstream disk image file? e.g. recoll disk.dd


medoc writes


The short answer is no. Depending on what you expect to find in there, you might try to run "strings" on the disk image and index the resulting text (but grep may be a better tool to search the result).

If the data you are looking for is not in text form (ie: pdf or msword formats), there is no way recoll can do anything useful on an umounted volume: you need to fsck it until you can mount it.

If you can supply more specific information about what you want to achieve, maybe I can help, contact me by email: jfd@recoll.org


Unknown User writes

ok…and if I mount in loopback the disk.dd in /media/disk in which way can I run recoll for indexing only /media/disk and not the entire host disk ? Thanks