Unknown reporter writes

bug or feature?

When I search for bmp or xcf files, I get no hyperlink even though both have registered file associations. Running Ubuntu 10.10, recoll 1.15.9

medoc writes

I guess I have to put this under the bug category…

This will be fixed by a subsequent commit, but it can also be worked around by editing files inside ~/.recoll:

mimemap: add the following lines:

.xcf  = image/x-xcf
.bmp = image/bmp
.xpm = image/x-xpmi

recoll_noindex = .tar.gz .tgz .tar.bz2 .tbz .log.gz .md5 .map \
       .o .lib .dll .a \
       .dat .bak .rdf .log .db .msf .pid \
       .gnm .gnumeric \
       ,v ~ #

mimeconf: add the following. This will extract comments from the xcf files and associate appropriate icons:

image/x-xcf = execm rclimg
image/bmp = image
image/x-xcf = image
image/x-xpmi = image

mimeview: add the following to the "view" section. Even if you are using the desktop associations, local ones must be present for the Open link to appear…:

image/x-xcf = gimp %f
image/bmp = gwenview %f
image/x-ms-bmp = gwenview %f
image/x-xpmi = gwenview %f

medoc writes

properly handle bmp xpm and xcf. Closes issue #63

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