Unknown reporter writes

I have the repository version of Recoll on Ubuntu 10.04. I wanted to add "/home/user/.thunderbird/" to the "Top Directories", since this is the only part of my /home/user/ directory I want indexed. The GUI wouldn’t list hidden directories, and typing in "/home/user/.thunderbird/" just reverted to "/home/user/".

Adding the directory to recoll.conf manually worked as intended, so this is really just a GUI enhancement.

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this. I actually had seen it but been too lazy to fix it, because you can’t show hidden files when using the easy Qt file select utility functions. Your input provided the motivation to actually get into this and fix it (hopefuly). Corrected in upcoming commit.

medoc writes

GUI: show hidden (dot) files in file/dir selection dialogs. Closes issue #62

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