Unknown reporter writes

The default installation does not seem to perform full-keyword indexing of scripts (e.g. .sh, .pl, .awk). I corrected the problem by reassigning .sh, .pl, and .awk to be mimetype of text/x-shellscript, text/x-perl, and text/x-awk (rather than application/) within the /usr/share/recoll/examples/mimemap file. Recommend this become the default. Thanks for a great tool!

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this.

You are not the first :) This is supposedly fixed by commit 2175 for releases 1.15.3 and newer (using a slightly different approach, but yours is ok too).

So the future default should be what you recommend.

If you are actually using 1.15.3 or a newer release, this means that my fix did not work, please reopen the issue, I’ll need to investigate.



Unknown User writes

Thanks for the very quick response and useful information. I am using Recoll 1.14.4 + Xapian 1.2.3 on Fedora 14 and used yum install. Didn’t notice there is a newer version. Thanks again!