rocketraman writes

The recollindex creates hundreds of files in my home directory matching the grohtml-\d+.png pattern. For example:

{{{ -rw------- 1 raman raman 9888 Apr 29 05:41 grohtml-98891.png -rw------- 1 raman raman 5405 Apr 29 05:41 grohtml-98892.png -rw------- 1 raman raman 10010 Apr 29 05:50 grohtml-99081.png -rw------- 1 raman raman 5806 Apr 29 05:50 grohtml-99082.png }}}

I am using recoll 1.14.4 on Fedora 14.

medoc writes


Thanks for reporting this. It appears that the rclman filter which uses groff to index man pages is responsible for this. I need to change it to use a temporary directory and cleanup after itself (for some reason, it doesn’t create these files on my main system which is why I hadn’t noticed).

Meanwhile, if you are running the indexing from the GUI, I have no workaround to propose, beyond just removing the files.

If you are using recollindex, you can wrap it in a small script to run it in a scratch directory and clean up after.

I’ll modify the filter and let you know as soon as the new one is available.

Cheers, jf

rocketraman writes

Thanks for the quick reply. The script wrapper workaround for recollindex makes sense, thx.

medoc writes

Fixed the man filter to get rid of groff temp files, and add a few possible extensions for man pages. Closes issue #56

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