Unknown reporter writes

Version: Recoll 1.15.1 + Xapian 1.2.3 (on Opensuse 11.2)

To reproduce: 0. Verify ~/.recoll/.aspdict.en.rws exists. 1.QT-GUI menu- >"Tools"- >"Advanced Search" 2.Enter a non-empty string in the "Any of these" text entry box. Eg. "Foo" 3. In the "File Name Matching": text entry box, Enter a string which includes the "/" character in. Eg. "/bar" 4. Enter

Observed behaviour: segfault at fc65e0ad ip 00000000f6097188 sp 00000000ffd47348 error 4 in libaspell.so.15.1.4[f604f000+af000]

RELATED ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Limit searches to regexs of pathnames (including directory names)

medoc writes

I tried to reproduce this (on OpenSuse 11.3, I don’t have 11.2 any more), but it didn’t work. At firstI thought that this request should not cause any aspell usage, but it does because Foo is probably not an existing term. Anyway, could you please re-run this after setting loglevel to 6 and logfilename to any convenient value (ie /tmp/recolltrace) either by editing recoll.conf or in the indexing preference, and send the trace to me (jfd@recoll.org). I’m also afraid that the crash may be linked to the actual contents of the aspell dict, aspell is a quite sensitive beast.

I am also adding the enhancement request to the todo list, I’ll take a look at the feasibility before the next release.

medoc writes

This probably an aspell issue, and I can’t work on it for lack of feedback anyway