Unknown reporter writes

Command line output: [debian:~]# recollindex terminate called after throwing an instance of std::out_of_range what(): basic_string::substr Aborted

Recoll version: 1.13.04-3+b1 OS: Linux debian 2.6.32-5-686

medoc writes

Hi, and thanks for reporting this. However, the crash report is difficult to use in its current state.

It would be very nice if you could have a look at and at least provide the debug log.

If you could go all the length to trying to supply a stack trace (which may imply rebuilding the software), it would be even nicer to try and reproduce the problem with the current production version (1.14.4). With a little luck, it’s even already fixed in there …

But at least a log file would be useful at this point, and this is quite easy to obtain.

Thanks again, jf

Unknown User writes

Hi, I have generated the log file, then upgraded to 1.14 and…overrode the log. 1.14 ran without any issues and then I have reverted to 1.13 trying to reproduce the error. No luck this time, it is working. It makes me conclude that it had to do with a content being indexed. I will keep 1.13 for some time maybe it will reappear. Thanks, I have found Recoll to perfectly suit my indexing needs.

medoc writes

Closing this waiting for more data. 1.13 is now seriously outdated anyway…