ketetefid writes

Hello, When someone uses recoll frequently it is more convenient to open the selected result in the query result window as soon as possible. It would be nice if double clicking support on a result (e.g. on the icon next to the result) or a shortcut key (like pressing Enter) leads to opening it. It is going to consume less time. Thanks in advance

medoc writes

You can change the result list paragraph format to make the icon a link for previewing by having something like the following in your result list paragraph format: {{{ <a href="P%N" ><img src=%I ></a >


However, this does not work with many qt versions (seems to work with 4.7.1), and I don’t think it’s much easier than clicking the "Preview" link. Actually may be it only works with the recoll development version I just tested with because it dropped qt 3 emulation (so no luck with the production recoll 1.14, even with qt 4.7.1).

Also there was a time (at the beginning), when double-clicks were used to open the previews, but it was not much liked, and was replaced by the links. Double-clicks are now used for adding terms to the search.

It’s also possible to tab your way to any link and activate it by pressing <Return >. You may need quite a few tab presses to get to the right place, but it works, and can be useful for people who have trouble with a mouse. The problem with this approach is that there was no visual feedback about the active link with either older qt releases or the production recoll which uses qt3 compatibility. Seems to work ok now with the development version and qt 4.7.1, so will be nice to have in the future.