ketetefid writes

Searching through media, I have found that recoll only considers audio file as "media". It could be nice (if it’s possible) to extend the meaning to video files as well.

medoc writes

I don’t know if there is anything to index inside video formats ? Tags ? Anyway, I guess that this could be useful for searching by file name, and I’m willing to augment the configuration files for video. I don’t have many video file types around though. Would you have a collection of suffix/mime-type associations around? (file -i is your friend if you have the video files).

Awaiting the next recoll release, you can easily tweak your configuration to add ie, video/x-msvideo to the "media" category inside mimeconf, ie, in ~~/.recoll/mimeconf:


media = \
      audio/mpeg \
      application/ogg \
      application/x-flac \
      image/jpeg \
      image/png \
      image/tiff \
      image/gif \

And you can also set appropriate icons, etc.

medoc writes

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