fuujuhi writes

I find the quick filter buttons very confusing. It’s not clear to which file type each button is associated with. Also tmo the association is not efficient (like "text" corresponds to .txt, .doc, .pdf and many other files).

As an enhancement:

  • Quick button for filtering by file ext Add another drop list button for filtering by file extension. User would be able to add new extension in that list.

  • Allow configuration of the filter buttons Eg. let user define 6 buttons, for each giving a filter name, and the set of file extension or file MIME type to select.

medoc writes

You can easily filter by file extension by adding one or several "ext:" specification to the query, ie: somesearchterm ext:doc OR ext:odt There is also a way to get rid of the ext: part to save typing. See Preferences- >Query Configuration- >Search parameters "magic file name suffixes"

I’m not convinced that a GUI control would help for this, it’s much faster to type a 3 letters suffix than to use the mouse to select in a very long list.

The problem with file extensions and/or mime types is that there are really many of them which is why the buttons in the user interface use document "categories" instead, which I find more useful.

The categories are defined in the mimeconf file, under the [categories] key, it’s quite possible to redefine them as you like but there is no GUI for this currently, you have to edit the configuration file, and there are limits to what you can do without editing the global file (ie: suppressing one of the categories). This could be improved, but it is feasable to do what you want with the current version.