fuujuhi writes

The interface would be more convenient if it was possible to increase the number of hits per page.

I have a 21" screen (1600x1200), and recoll hardly fill half a page, displaying something like "1-8 out of at least 100".

TMO it should be set to something like 50 or user-definable. Even better, I would set it to a very high number (like 200 or even 500), and have the list filled in as results are produced by the engine, leaving the user the possibility to either cancel the current query or modify it.

medoc writes

Preferences- >Query Configuration- >User interface- >number of documents per result page

This is currently limited to 99 but it could easily be increased.

Once the first results arrive, the following come so quickly that it does not make much sense to have some user control while the page is filling (all the waiting happens usually before the first document arrives). The question of cancelling a Xapian query is a difficult one, there is already another issue open about this.