vonhabsi writes

In relation to my large database referenced here - https://bitbucket.org/medoc/recoll/issues/358/is-there-a-tool-to-analyze-the-xapian how should the recoll.conf be configured to reduce the database size?

I have a few questions to ask.

  1. Does recoll index other /home directories besides my home directory?

  2. Does it index shared areas like /etc. /usr. /var etc.

  3. How can I configure it to avoid certain type of files like .git, .svn and other source code files. I have a lot of source code files on my system.

medoc writes

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions if you still have some after taking a look at the manual.

vonhabsi writes

Is the recoll.conf file the one in which the configuration file created by the GUI is stored?

Are the examples of recoll.conf I can learn from - I prefer fles like that to GUI.

If I switch to daemon mode rather than periodic, does recoll use something like inotify to know when files have changed, and can it delay indexing until a time has passed after being notifiied?

medoc writes

Yes, the index parameters are stored in recoll.conf, by the GUI or manually:

yes, daemon mode uses inotify, and yes, you can adjust the indexing delay: see monixinterval here: https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/recoll/usermanual/webhelp/docs/RCL.INSTALL.CONFIG.RECOLLCONF.MISC.html