bashforever writes


First: I noticed the discussion about supporting windows, but nevertheless want to report a problem.

Recoll install on Windows7 went smoothly. But the indexer just indexes documents like html or plain text. MIME types which require a conversion to text, like PDF, DOCX etc are not indexed. I have run recoll on a small test-folder with 3 sample documents and attached the full logfile.

Key seems to be this error message for PDF or pptx:

FileInterner::internfile: conversion ended with no doc



A note concerning windows: recoll runs great on linux (I installed it via repo in opensuse and works like a charm). I have the impression that recoll is very unknown in the windows world (one of the most complete software libraries in german speaking countries does not know it). This is a pity because recoll is what many users are looking for. When the issue is solved I will try to get recoll registered in the mentioned software library (just not to get people frustrated encountering the same issue). Many many thanks!

medoc writes


The most probable cause for the symptoms you report would be that Python 2.x is not installed or not in the PATH. You can check this by starting a command window and typing python

If this is the case, you can either change the PATH environment variable, or re-run the python install, taking care to select "Add python.exe to Path" on the "Customize installation" screen.

bashforever writes

Yeah! that did the trick! Thanks a lot!

bashforever writes

And thanks for the ultrafast reply. I submitted a (german language) program description to . There is no guarantee on them taking this into the database but I will go on spreading the word.

You can close the issue - resolved!

medoc writes

Thanks for updating the db !