b3nmore writes

Opening a pdf from the result list should pass the search term to the pdf viewer, e.g. evince --page-index=%p --find=%s %f. However, %s seems to be empty, since no search term is passed to evince. The status bar reports: Executing: [evince --page-index=1 --find= /path/to/pdf indicating, that %s is indeed empty.

Strangely enough %s contains the search term when opening the pdf via the snippets window.

I see this issue at least with versions 1.22.3 and 1.22.4 (but have not tested older ones).

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this. I think that this is already fixed by this (single-line) commit: https://bitbucket.org/medoc/recoll/commits/667ad75e11e5a56a32882b77245141753ea541d2

(not yet in a released version).