837183 writes

This is what I gather:

The first log level to write to file is 4, when searching from the GUI.

Setting the log level to either 5 or 6, then searching from the GUI, causes the main window to freeze, exiting is only possible via the Windows Task Manager.

A few points:

A This happens only when there are actual results. So searching for "ghdjfgdfjgfdgdf" from the GUI would not cause this.

B Not effected by whether "logfilename" is set at all.

C Not reproducible on Debian Wheezy, hence I think it’s Windows related..


Recoll 1.23.x + Xapian 1.2.21 + Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this, and in fact, I can reproduce something similar on Linux too (with 1.23.x, the normal version on linux is 1.22 which is probably why you don’t see it). I’m going to look into it.

medoc writes

This is now fixed in the source, and it will be fixed in the next windows release