837183 writes

Yeah…the revenge of the forward slashes it upon us..

Here’s a use case:

Putting this is the mimeview would result in the file name not being passed to SeaMonkey, which will express itself by SeaMonkey opening the main screen but not SeaMonkey Mail:


message/rfc822 = seamonkey -mail  "%f"

Executing this from terminal will open the file in SeaMonkey Mail:


seamonkey -mail "<folder >\<folder >\<folder >\<file >"

This is because recoll passes this filename:

<folder >/<folder >/<folder >/<file >

And SeaMonkey can’t handle this. I’m certain it’s not the only Windows software to not deal with paths containing forward slashes..

medoc writes

The next Windows release will change slashes to backslashes. The change was committed to the bitbucket source.