837183 writes

Hi, on:

  • recoll-setup-1.23.0-2bfd80-20161115.exe

  • recoll-setup-1.23.0-9c5e32-20161216.exe

Using the proximity search operator results in this output:


"dog cat"p8


OP_NEAR and OP_PHRASE only currently support leaf subqueries

But using proximity with ordering does not:


"dog cat"o8

Tested on two Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit, one is a fresh install of recoll-setup-1.23.0-2bfd80-20161115.exe with a few indexed PDFs…

medoc writes

Hi, and thanks for reporting this.

I initially had the idea that this was related to Xapian 1.4.1 (the Linux versions are still using 1.2), but this does appear to be specific to windows actually !

I’ll look into it more closely.

medoc writes

Spoke too soon. Actually, this is a Xapian 1.4 issue (Recoll for Windows switched to Xapian 1.4, while 1.2 is still used on Linux).

This is related to stemming (which is used for proximity but not for phrases). As a workaround you can capitalize the terms inside your search string.

I asked a question on the Xapian mailing list about the best way to adapt to the new 1.4 behaviour. Depending on the timing, maybe I’ll switch the Windows port back to Xapian 1.2.

837183 writes

Hi Medoc!


Disabling stemming in Recoll also seems to resolve this.

medoc writes

The Windows version has been switched back to Xapian 1.2. Beware: using this release after a Xapian 1.4 one will force doing a full reindexing.