Unknown reporter writes

I''ve just spent a long time to understand why my indexing configuration fails using "indexedmimetypes".

I’ve finally realized that the mimetypes defined in Debian’s mimemap are different from the ones returned by file -i.

Example: text/x-text (file) vs application/x-tex (mimemap) application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text (file) vs application/vnd.sun.xml.writer (mimemap)

For sake of least astonishment, they could be aligned.

medoc writes

I guess that you saw my reply to the Debian bug: I agree that this should be fixed, but it would be very disruptive and will have to wait for the next significant index format change. It may seem weird, but there are people out there with multi-terabyte document sets for whom reindexing is a significant annoyance… Keeping the issue open so that I hopefully don’t forget about it.

medoc writes

Thought about this again, and this would lead to system-dependant MIME values (unfortunately, consistency is not high in this area). Added to the disruption for existing installations, this makes the change undesirable.

I have added prominent notes to the manual and the sample config file instead.